Product Development

Product Development Focused On You and Your Customers

At RidgelineCNC, we design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture products for inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, and large companies alike. Our flexible development process gives you the opportunity to develop innovative products for any industry.


You bring the idea, and we develop it from start to finish.

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

When you come to us with your design, or design idea, we’ll review it in detail and provide our DFM analysis. 

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Quoting Your Project

After the DFM analysis is complete, we’ll provide a quote based on your project criteria.

Part Development

After we agree on DFM and Quote, we get your project started right away and within 1-2 weeks you’ll have your first product ready for review.

Production Run

After the test part(s) are approved, we’ll initiate the production run based on the number of units needed.

Your part has now been successfully designed and developed, and ready to be replicated. 

Your Trusted Partner From Start to Finish

We have extensive experience collaborating with both startups and established large companies, making us the optimal choice to demonstrate why we stand out from the rest.

Ready To Start Your Project With RidgelineCNC?

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